Modern House – 5 Glass Façade Houses which are simply astonishing


The Glass Pavilion, an ultramodern house by Steve Hermann

The Los Angeles based architect Steve Hermann, renowned for his innovative designs, completed this modern house The Glass Pavilion in 2010.

Within modernism, the Glass Pavilion is a redefining structure. It’s a benchmark building setting the bar on what modernism is and can be.

Glass Façade Modern Design
© Steve Hermann Design Studio

There have been a few great buildings throughout the last century that defined modernism and inspired a lot to imagine what is achievable not only within architecture but as a whole society.

Glass pavilion exterior view 2 Glass Façade Modern Design
© Steve Hermann Design Studio

These types of defining structures were Mies Van Der Roh’s Barcelona Pavilion and Farnsworth house, as well as the glasshouse Phillip Johnson. Now the Glass Pavilion of Steve Hermann takes these greats’ architectural tenants and catapults those ideas into the modern era.

Glass pavilion exterior view Glass Façade
© Steve Hermann Design Studio

Set within Montecito’s 3.5+/- acre oak grove estate and boasting 14,000+/- sq. This home, ft. under the roof, impresses beyond words.

Glass pavilion exterior
© Steve Hermann Design Studio

An almost entirely glass home, allows the inhabitants to comfortably be indoors while being fully blanketed in nature. As you drive down the long gated driveway the residence slowly comes into view and immediately you are confronted with a huge all-glass house, gently floating above rolling lawns.

Glass pavilion living room Glass Façade
© Steve Hermann Design Studio

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The estate has five bedrooms, five-and-a-half bathrooms, a grand hallway, and a large wine bar. The glass pavilion features an art gallery where the owner currently showcases his collection of antique vehicles. The space is so generous it can hold up to 32 cars inside its walnut lined walls.

Glass pavilion garrage
© Steve Hermann Design Studio

The home can appear weightless by using massive structural steel beams, as it hovers above an expansive lawn.

Australian architect Sarah Waller modern residence

A modern home overlooking a golf course that Australian Sarah Waller designed for herself and her family.

sarah waller residence  evening view
© Sarah waller architecture

Influenced by the elegance and complexity of mid-century modern architecture, the house is a single-level design, and its floor plan is spacious.

Before you step down to the swimming pool surrounded by lush landscaping, there is a lawn area at the back of the home.

sarah waller residenc deck area Glass Façade
© Sarah waller architecture

A cabana, furnished with casual and comfortable pieces as well as a hanging chair, is off to the side of the pool. The cabana is lit up at night and is ideal for outdoor entertainment.

sarah waller residence aerial view
© Sarah waller architecture

Heading back to the house, there is an outdoor lounge that blurs the line between living indoors and living outdoors.

The family room is open to the backyard, with massive overhangs blocking sunlight to the home’s interior, important for those warm days in Australia.

sarah waller residence bedroom Glass Façade

Inside, the minimalistic black and white kitchen makes a statement. The fine matte black laminate and the marble-looking porcelain used in island design reflect the linear monochrome feel in the entire home.

The living room is on the other side of the black box. A TV is placed over a fireplace, and a large sofa makes it the perfect place to watch movies.

sarah waller residence interior livng area Glass Façade
© Sarah waller architecture

There is a small study area built-in down the hallway. Hidden lights under a picture rail offer the work area a soft, natural glow.

The master bedroom is almost absolutely enclosed by glass and has access to the pool and backyard.

sarah waller residence interior Glass Façade
© Sarah waller architecture

Both children’s bedrooms have built-in window seats below, perfect for sitting and reading a book or daydreaming while looking out onto the treetops.

sarah waller residence evening view
© Sarah waller architecture

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The bedrooms often come with simple pendant lights as table lamps for the bedside table. The black fans match the black window frames, the black window seating cushion, and a few black decor accessories to create a cohesive look.

sarah waller residence living area
© Sarah waller architecture

In this bathroom, Black is carried through, with the mirror framed in black. The rotating vanity brings a modern look and underneath secret lighting gives the room a bright feel.

sarah waller residence perspective
© Sarah waller architecture

Sarah’s design office is at the other end of the home overlooking the backyard and swimming pool.

sarah waller residence interior pool area
© Sarah waller architecture

La Mira Ra – Modern House

Located in the south of France, La Mira Ra modern house is the result of a long reflection on the amalgamation of the Mediterranean wild nature and the minimalist purity of contemporary architecture- resulting in a unique architectural project.

gallary of la mira ra glass
© Pierre Minassian

Designed by Pierre Minassian and his architectural team between 2015 and 2017, today the house offers its inhabitants an intimate opening towards the sea. The project’s incorporation into its community and its cohabitation have become the two main factors of project planning.

gallary of la mira ra glass facade 2
© Pierre Minassian

This private property, situated on a protected location, is under the duty to make the use of the surrounding stone in all its constructions. This condition combined with the architect’s passion for the beauty of the raw concrete gives rise to a creative embracing of all materials.

gallary of la mira ra glass facade 3
© Pierre Minassian

The stone takes its place in its rugged setting by covering the house from the outside so as to heat it.

gallary of la mira ra glass facade
© Pierre Minassian

This is achieved not only by the paint scheme of the rocks similar to that of the soil on which it lies but also by portraying a bright glow the rays of the sun. The inner shell is made of raw concrete and helps to create a relaxed and sober environment.

gallary of la mira ra glass facade elevation
© Pierre Minassian

Simultaneously, its smooth skin perfectly reflects the light rays that penetrate the house at sunset. The artist lets the bare concrete show its characteristics by making the walls and ceiling nude-each surface boldly bears its own particularities and irregularities.

gallary of la mira ra interior
© Pierre Minassian

The project distributes the software in two stages matching the site’s natural slope so as not to cover the view for the villagers while at the same time transforming the house entirely towards the stunning scenery.

gallary of la mira ra living room
© Pierre Minassian

This is why the upper layer, including the apartments, just protrudes from the ground by half a point.

The Quest by Storm Architects

stone wall elevation
© 2010-2020 Ström Architects

Any modern style house with long planes and window frames-as-walls never fails to amaze, and this cantilevering mansion — two other words of catch we can’t pass up — is no exception.

stone wall glass design
© 2010-2020 Ström Architects

Designed by Hampshire, U.K.-based Ström Architecture, “The Search” is a one-story “replacement home” located in the coastal town of Swanage in Dorset on a gentle slope, wooded site featuring an open floor plan, minimal interiors and glass door walls.

stone wall glass elevation design
© 2010-2020 Ström Architects
stone wall glass house elevation

Two parallel massive concrete planes constitute the flat roof and the floor, which function together as a “space beam.” components of the concrete are exposed, creating a narrow terrace off of the living room, while other parts of the house are covered in simple wood.

stone wall glass house interior
© 2010-2020 Ström Architects

A stone retaining wall divides different levels on the property, forming a driveway and enabling the house’s far side to be cantilever over it, providing a lower carport. On this side is the master bedroom, while on the opposite end is the guest accommodation and study.

stone wall glass house interior glass facade
© 2010-2020 Ström Architects

According to the architects, the simple arrangement of spaces “reduces the visual impact from across the valley,” allowing the serene surrounding environment to take center stage. Have a glance about.

White Snake House

Primarily, the clients wanted to build their modern house in the middle of the woods, but the architect Minassian managed to convince them to design it on the lake.

snake house on lake Modern House

The building consists of two slabs of white concrete. The thickness of the lower slab differs such that the building has various stages.

The configuration of the rooms relies on the position of the sun and the viewing angle.

Both materials are used to reinforce the streamlined design of the building.

snake house aerial view Modern House

The windows of the building have been exposed to advanced and nuanced studies: they are set in the lower and upper slabs. Some of them could slide to open the façade. The design of such windows was man-made and creative.

snake house outside view Modern House

Entry to the house is via a telescopic pier that separates the house from the shore so that it is impossible to get into the house without being invited.

The bridge is located between two 150-year-old oaks (the oldest trees in the estate).

snake house persepective Modern House

The entrance to the house is the most invisible aspect of the structure. It comprises of suspended steel plates.

The pool is immersed in the lake. The technical room of the swimming pool is underwater.

snake house interior

The modern house was constructed primarily with raw materials. The floor of the house is in white concrete with the exception of the bedrooms, the study rooms, and the living room where there is a timber floor. The curtains are automated, sliding across the house.

snake house interior door Modern House

It’s a low-energy building. Geothermal energy is used to heat a house of 50 kW / m2. The electricity options used to heat or cool the house are geothermal resources paired with a Canadian well and solar panels. In the season, the house has a cooling device that utilizes water from the pool.

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